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Local and Traditional Cheeses in Turkey and in the World: Kars Kaşarı Geographical Mark


Cheese is only stored in the cigarettes and
It is not a craft that allows long consumption. It
In many parts of the world thanks to the craft, different geographical and
In places with climatic characteristics,
Technically tasty microbiological life forms
It can be produced.

Cheeseclicking, from ecological cycle to biological diversity, from cows
From their lives to the life of bacteria, from industrial techniques
Traditional wisdom, from political mappings to the limits of culture,
From property relations to natural resource management,
Of the values ​​of the food, the meralardan mandıralara,
Supermarkets to local markets and solidarity tourism
It is closely related to many topics. This symposium
Food chain and supply related to cheeses in general
To debate relations with all its complications
It aims.

Local-traditional in Turkey and in the world
To talk about the differences of cheese from industrial cheeses,
The local cheeses of geographic sign protection, local flavor,
The knowledge of tradition, the protection of rural communities and the
To discuss possibilities or boundaries that can be provided
Are among the aims of the symposium.

In the following but not limited themes
We invite you to submit your paper abstract:

Cheese making as a craft: Yesterday, today …

  • Changing local and traditional definitions in cheese and cheese making
  • Relation of cheese to other agricultural and livestock practices
  • The role of cheese in the formation of cultural belongings
  • Developments shaping cheese, milk and meat consumption
  • The importance of pasture livestock in traditional production
  • Traditional supply of cheese to the consumer
  • Chains and emerging new alternative networks
  • Geographical sign protection and the importance of cheesecake
  • The distinguishing features of local-traditional cheeses are scientific
  • To be registered and recorded


In the light of these themes, Kars Kaşarı and other
The geographical indication that the cheeses have is the cheesecloth sector
Components and what it means for scientists
We will discuss. These signs are the
Ways to develop solidarity together
We will evaluate.

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